26. 05. 2019

The Grand Prize went to the film Matsés from the T-film 2019 International Film Festival

The Czech Grand Prix Matsés by director Miroslav Haluza won the Grand Prix for the best film this year at the international film festival T-film 2019 in a competition of 41 films from around the world. On May 23, the statue of an angel with a crystal heart was taken from the multi-function hall Gong in the Lower Area of ​​Vítkovice to the director's director Simon Pelikán.

The winning film from the Peruvian-Brazilian border expedition takes viewers to the native Matsés tribe, facing the pressure of civilization and mining companies, ”said Simon Pelican, co-creator of the winning film.

The Jury Prize went to the Hungarian-Swedish film White Reindeer by the Hungarian-Swedish film White Reindeer, The Strongholder from Sudetenland, Martin Strouhal. In the Green Planet category, the Great Britain scored the Most Awful Planet – Oceans, whose creators are Matthew Wrigh and Steve Clark. The award in the category of Inspiration was awarded to the Slovak film by Pavol Barabáš entitled The Waking of Heights and the winner of the category Man and Society was the Italian film The Boy Who Stopped Breathing by Director Daniel Lin.

Honorable Mention at the gala evening was received by director Mathieu Le Lay for the French film In the Light of Stars, Patrice Goldberg and Pascale Brischoux from Belgium for the film Blessed Breasts and Jakub Skalický for the Czech film Places of Life. Last year, the main prize of the festival was given to director Jan Svatoš for his film Ark of Lights and Shadows, which was also honored with other prizes.

The seventh year of the T-Film 2019 festival for children and students from primary and secondary schools and the public attracted two thousand visitors this year. In addition to competing films (eg from Belgium, Spain, France, Norway, Turkey, Germany, Serbia or Hungary), he offered workshops, competitions and discussions with interesting guests, such as the Free Europe writer and editor Ivan Binar, the psychologist Jiřina Sámková, the healer Iva Azar Radulay or Lada Dobrkovska from National Geographic.

The president of the festival was again psychiatrist Jan Cimický, who spoke about the secrets of the human soul. „The human soul is undoubtedly more complex than the most sophisticated electronics, and this is a desire for people to learn more,“ explains Jan Cimický. "Moreover, I always come back to Ostrava very much because there are nice people and I also have many friends here. … ”

Details at www.t-film.cz

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